Soothing Bath Salt

A muscular relaxant, relaxes the body and relaxes muscles, stresses everyday life.

Leaving tandem for the face

PRIMER OIL nourishes sensitive and dry skin, removes peeling and fills fine wrinkles.

Oil from stretch marks
In this jar we have collected the most useful and rich in the composition of the ingredients, which ...
Shih oil for hair
In this jar we have collected the most useful and rich in ingredients ingredients that are perfect ....

Online store

Internet-shop - a site selling goods on the Internet. Allows users to create a purchase order, choose a payment method and order delivery on the Internet.

Having selected the necessary goods or services, the user usually has the opportunity to choose the method of payment and delivery immediately on the site. The birth of the first systems and methods of e-commerce are due to the emergence of automation technology sales and the introduction of automated corporate resource management systems. In 1960, American companies American Airlines and IBM began to create a system for automating the reservation of seats for flights.

In this way, SABRE (Semi-Automatic Business Research Environment) makes air travel more accessible to ordinary passengers, helping them to navigate the number of fares and flights that are constantly growing. At the expense of automation of the process of calculation of tariffs when reserving places, the cost of services is reduced. This is the very first experience of creating an e-commerce system.

The e-commerce market has been developing dynamically over the past 20 years, due to the rapid growth in Internet users, increased social networking and other online platforms, the dynamic development of electronic payment systems, and the transition of leading market players to new technology platforms for e-commerce ( from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0, then to Web 3.0).